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1 1 01/01/1968

By signing these Terms I hereby acknowledge and confirm that, as at the Date specified above:

I am an adult aged 18 years or above.

I agree to comply (or where applicable to take responsibility for the Jumper’s compliance) with the Atom Terms and Conditions and Park Rules which are available at .

I confirm that the Jumper is:

in good physical health and has no medical impairment that might prevent him/her from participating in the indoor trampoline activities offered by Atom Trampoline Park including but not limited to accessing the Park, trampolining, trampoline dodgeball, trampoline basketball and use of traversing wall (the “Activities”);

weighs 125kg (20stone) or less at the Date;

not pregnant; and

not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

I acknowledge that neither Atom nor its staff are permitted to give any medical advice relating to the Jumper’s physical condition and/or his/her ability to participate in the Activities. I am solely responsible for assessing such ability or condition.

I acknowledge that the Activities are potentially dangerous and that by participating in such Activities, the Jumper will be exposed to the risk of personal injury.

I hereby indemnify Atom against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses suffered and incurred by Atom arising out of or in connection with my and/or the Jumper’s failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions and Park Rules.

1 1 01/01/1968

Terms applicable where the Jumper is under 18 years of age:

I am the parent or legal guardian of the Jumper and I grant permission for the Jumper to participate in the Activities.

Where the Jumper is 12 years old or under, I agree that the Jumper will be supervised at all times whilst participating in any Activities and/or on the premises of Atom by a parent or legal guardian or another responsible adult whom I have I authorised to supervise the Jumper.

I acknowledge and accept that for Open Jump sessions the Jumper must be 6 years old or above.

I agree that the Jumper will wear any safety equipment provided by Atom.

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